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Forewing with shining golden metallic costal and dorsal spots
Forewing with one or two white or whitish dorsal spots
2 (1)
Larger species, 7.0-9.5mm. Forewing with cilia concolorous with wing, tips distinctly paler, but without clearly defined line; posterior costal spot broadly triangular
May and early June.
Smaller species, 5.0-7.5mm. Forewing with cilia darker than wing, tips pale yellowish grey beyond clearly defined line; posterior costal spot linear or acutely triangular
June and July.
3 (1)
Forewing shining grey with small indistinct spot near base (sometimes obsolete) and a larger, somewhat better defined dorsal spot near tornus
6.0-8.0mm. Mid April to early June. Forewing without violet scales; dorsal spots whitish.
Forewing shining dark bronzy brown with indistinct spot near base (sometimes obsolete) and a larger clearly defined triangular dorsal spot near tornus
5.0-7.0mm. Late May to late July. Forewing sometimes with scattered violet scales, particularly in apical area; dorsal spots pure white. The larvae of f. hammoniella Sorhagen do not feed on alder (Alnus spec.), but on birch (Betula spec.) Recently this form has been re-established as a separate species.

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