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47.5 Scopariinae

Forewing ochreous white to brown or dark brownish grey; first cross-line obsolete or absent
Forewing more or less suffused greyish, blackish or black; first cross-line present and distinct
2 ()
Forewing whitish ochreous; second cross-line slightly sinuate or straight
14.0-19.0mm. Late May to August. Forewings with first cross-line and sub-terminal line obscure; orbicular, claviform and discal spot small dot-like or elongate.
Forewing dark brownish grey; second cross-line angularly bent above middle
This is the form scotica White with darker forewing; markings indistinct or absent. See couplet 22.
3 (1)
Forewing with second cross-line strongly sinuate inwards on fold and outwards in disc, indentation at an angle of about 30° to dorsum
18.0-20.0mm. Late June to early August. Forewing blackish, slightly olive-tinged with white, dark-edged cross-lines; discal mark black, x-shaped, claviform spot black, dot-like and orbicular pale, outlined black. Hindwing with greyish discal mark.
Forewing with second cross-line less strongly sinuate, indentation at an angle of 60°-90° to dorsum
4 (3)
Forewing with discal spot absorbed in black quadrate costal blotch at two-thirds. Hindwing with dark discal marks, more distinct on underside
15.0-19.0mm. June to early August. Forewing whitish, sometimes darker, with brownish black markings; cross-lines white, dark edged; orbicular and claviform spots absorbed in blackish irroration distal to first cross-line.
Forewing with discal spot separate, not absorbed in dark costal blotch. Hindwing without dark discal mark
5 (4)
Forewing with orbicular spot light-centred (pale grey, ochreous or pale brown), more or less completely ringed dark brown, blackish or black
Forewing with orbicular spot represented by a blackish dot or streak, not light-centred
6 (5)
Forewing with dark edging of discal mark 8-shaped, orbicular spot round
16.0-22.0mm. May to early August. Forewing with basal and median area predominantly white; first and second cross-line white, black-edged towards the median area; dark brown colour sometimes reduced, occasionally the wing is pure white, also the dark mark
Forewing with dark edging of discal mark x-shaped, occasionally tending towards an 8-shape; orbicular spot oval or elongate
7 (6)
Forewing with sub-terminal cross-line indistinct or absent
S. subfusca (part)
16.5-25.0mm. Late May to early September. Forewing rather uniform pale grey, slightly brownish tinged; cross-lines whitish, dark-edged inwardly, first curved, second angularly bent above middle; orbicular spot indistinctly outlined dark, claviform spot bl
Forewing with sub-terminal cross-line distinct
8 (7)
Forewing broad, length costa about 2.5 times width at three-quarters; terminal cilia conspicuously barred white and black
21.0-25.0mm. June to early August. Forewing heavily irrorated blackish; first cross-line zigzagging, second sinuate above middle. There is little variation, forms with darker and also paler median space are known, the latter named f. bifascialis Tu
Forewing narrow, length costa about 3 times width wing at three quarters, terminal cilia indistinctly barred basally
17.0-23.0mm. Early May to early September. Forewing whitish, sprinkled grey; first cross-line zigzagging, second strongly angulated above middle. Very variable. Dark forms are described, viz. a dark and smaller form with clear pale markings (f. atomali
9 (5)
Forewing with costal third of second cross-line, if extended with an imaginary line, reaching to middle of termen. Generally larger species, 18.0-20.0mm
Late June to early October. Forewing with blackish tinge predominantly, particularly in fresh specimens; cross-lines whitish, dark-edged, first zigzagging, second angulate-sinuate; spots black; there is little variation, occasionally the median area is di
Forewing with costal third of second cross-line, if extended with an imaginary line, reaching termen near dorsum. Generally smaller species, 16.0-20.0mm
10 (9)
Forewing with white sub-terminal cross-line interrupted near middle and diverted into tornus by black clouding; second cross-line weakly curved above middle. Hindwing whitish grey, darker near termen
16.0-20.0mm. Late May to early August. Forewing whitish, sprinkled blackish, basal and terminal areas dark; first cross-line zigzagging; both spots dot-like, black; specimens with dark median area are common, occasionally forewing strongly tinged ochreous
Forewing with white sub-terminal cross-line not interrupted near middle; second cross-line in costal third indentated. Hindwing pale grey, brownish grey in distal half
16.0-20.0mm. June to early September. Forewing grey, suffused blackish; first cross-line followed by a broad blackish band; cross-lines white, dark-edged, first curved, second fine; both spots dot-like, black, usually absorbed in the blackish band. Rather

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