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47.4 Glaphyriinae

Smaller species, 17.0-21.5mm. Wings with terminal area dark brown, sharply contrasting with rest of wing
June to early August, partial second generation second half of August. Forewing yellowish; two narrow brownish cross-lines, between second and termen forewing brown. Hindwing also yellowish with broad brown band along termen.
Larger species, 21.0-27.0mm. Wings without sharp contrasting dark terminal area
2 (1)
Forewing with both dark cross-lines complete
21.0-25.0mm. June to early October. Forewing pale glossy yellowish; cross-lines, outlines of stigmata and veins (posteriorly) brown. Hindwing yellowish white with traces of dark postmedian line.
Forewing with cross-lines incomplete or absent
21.0-27.0mm. Late May to early October. Forewing pale ochreous yellow; cross-lines faintly indicated. Hindwing yellowish white with brownish marks along termen.
3 (2)
Hindwing with contrasting dark border and without crossline
Evergestis extimalis
22.0-30.0mm. Late April to early October. Forewing pale ochreous with conspicuous brown cross-line from apex to middle of dorsum and two brown transversely placed discal spots. Hindwing whitish with greyish postmedian cross-line. Male with tibia midleg no

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