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47.1 Pyraustinae

Forewing with vein10 originating from common stalk of veins 8 and 9
Forewing with vein 10 originating from cell, veins 8 and 9 stalked
2 (1)
Labial palp ascending, about 45° and more
Labial palp porrected or only slightly ascending
3 (2)
Forewing pure white with blackish brown spots and costal streak. Larger species, 27.0-35.0mm
May to early September (also records from February, March, April and November). Frons, vertex and thorax deep ochreous yellow, black spotted. Hindwing similar to forewing. Forewing with reduction of the dark markings occurs, also darkened specimens are found.
Forewing yellow, pale ochreous or pale ferruginous ochreous. Generally larger species, 19.0-34.0mm
4 (3)
Forewing with terminal area greyish brown; second cross-line heavily serrated. Hindwing similar
Male 26.0-34.0mm, female 24.0-30.0mm. Late May to August. Sexually dimorphic. Forewing of male much longer and termen distinctly more oblique than in female; male with outer middle-spur rudimentary.
Forewing with terminal area yellow or pale ferruginous ochreous; second cross-line not or hardly serrated. Hindwing similar
Male with outer middle-spur developed.
5 (4)
Forewing glossy pale yellow, suffused greyish or orange along costa. Larger species, 27.0-34.0mm
July and August. Forewing with first and second cross-line and sub-terminal line rather distinct, brown. Reminiscent of Paracorsa repandalis (see couplet 79)
Forewing pale ochreous, wholly irrorate ferruginous. Smaller species, 19.0-27.0mm
July and August. Forewing with first cross-line indistinct, second fine and sub-terminal line obscure, all brownish.
6 (1)
Frons with well-developed cone, projecting by more than two-fifth of eye-diameter.
Frons without well-developed cone, at most slightly prominent
7 (6)
Forewing unicolorous deep ochreous brown with obscurely paler veins and a narrow pure white costal streak; also terminal cilia pure white
23.0-25.0mm. Late May to early July. Hindwing pale yellowish brown.
Forewing dark brown or yellowish without pale costal streak; terminal cilia yellowish, pale ochreous or dark brown
8 (7)
Forewing dark greyish brown with paler markings
21.0-27.0mm. May, July to September.
Forewing yellowish without markings or with darker markings only
9 (8)
Forewing unicolorous pale yellowish without markings, veins variably dark-scaled
26.0-36.0mm. Late June to early September. Hindwing shining white, occasionally with incomplete greyish postmedian band.
Forewing pale yellowish orange with markings slightly darker
22.0-32.0mm. Late May to early August. Hindwing pale yellowish without cross-lines.
10 (6)
Hindwing with terminal area blackish brown, contrasting with the orange-yellow colour of rest of wing
26.0-37.0mm. August to October. Forewing ochreous brown. Terminal border hindwing sometimes interrupted. Male with tibia midleg dilated.
forwing and hindwing brown or black with white spots or crosslines or forwing yellow with purple bands
11 (10)
forwing yellow with purple bands
wings dark brown with white spots or crosslines
12 (11)
Hindwing with two white spots
Late May to early July. Forewing with two white spots, sometimes also a small white point above first spot.
wings with white cross lines
13 (12)
Larger species, 14.0-19.0mm
May to August.
Smaller species, 13.0-18.0mm. Forewing with additional marking consisting of narrow line from basal part of dorsum midway to costa
May to August.
14 (11)
Forewing ochreous yellow with purplish red markings
12.0-18.0mm. Mid May to mid July (in Denmark). Forewing with costa to two-thirds, median fascia and termen purplish red. Hindwing grey.
Forewing coloured and marked otherwise
15 (14)
Generally smaller species, 14.0-21.0mm. Forewing deep brown or purplish brown, occasionally greyish brown; with yellow or yellowish white markings
Forewing occasionally with pale markings obscure or absent. Hindwing with at least postmedian fascia visible, usually incomplete.
Generally larger species, 20.0 - 24.0 mm. Forewing yellowisch
Sometimes forewing with a dense pattern of dark markings or dark suffusion, giving it a dark appearance; predominating colour: ferruginous, reddish ochreous, yellowish ochreous or pure grey, sometimes however dark brown (see couplet 67, reddish or blackish brown (larger species, 26.0-31.0mm).
16 (15)
Hindwing with one pale fascia without additional pale markings
Hindwing with one or two pale fasciae and one or more additional pale markings
17 (16)
Underside wings predominantly dark brown with pure yellow markings
15.0-20.0mm. Late April to late September. Forewing deep purplish brown; with yellow spots and without plumbeous grey fascia half-way. Hindwing with fascia often not reaching to margins.
Underside wings predominantly pale ochreous yellow with brown markings
15.0-18.0mm. May to August. Forewing dirty purplish brown; with yellow markings and with plumbeous grey fascia from half-way dorsum towards costa. Hindwing with fascia usually reaching to costa. See couplet 62.
18 (16)
Forewing brown without purplish tinge, but often with an olive or greyish shade; pale markings usually obsolete or ill-defined, occasionally absent
14.0-21.0mm. April to September. A variable species in coloration and markings of forewing.
Forewing purplish brown without olive or greyish tinge and with at least part of the pale markings well-defined
19 (18)
Forewing dirty purplish brown with plumbeous grey fascia from half-way dorsum towards costa
See couplet 15.
Forewing deep purplish brown or dull dark purplish brown, with yellow markings
20 (19)
On underside forewing pale sub-terminal cross-line parallel to costa, nearly straight, fading before costa at about four-fifth of its length
14.5-20.0mm. May to early September. Forewing brownish purple with bright yellow markings. Underside forewing with pale discal and postdiscal spots well-defined costally.
On underside forewing pale sub-terminal cross-line curving rather abruptly inwards at about five-sixth of its length, often reaching to paler subapical costal spot
14.5-18.0mm. Late April to early September. Forewing comparatively dull dark brownish purple with ochreous yellow markings. Underside forewing with pale discal and postdiscal spots, often confluent with broad pale costal streak.
21 (15)
Generally larger species, 20.0-24.0mm. Hindwing without dark spots
Early June to early August. Forewing yellowish orange; veins, costa and termen ferruginous; cross-lines obsolescent. Hindwing greyish white, slightly yellowish-tinged. Antenna about two-thirds length costa forewing.
Forewing not yellowish with ferruginous veins
22 (21)
Forewing and hindwing with colour and markings similar
Both wings deep yellow or pale yellow, usually with a complex pattern of brown blotches and spots, often partly suffused dark brown.
Markings similar but with clear discal stigma discal
23 (22)
Forewing deep ochreous yellow, slightly suffused brown
19.0-26.0mm. June to August. Forewing with two or three dark brown cross-lines.
Forewing otherwise
24 (23)
Forewing with pale spots distal to second transverse line confluent near costa; between interstigmatal patch and tornus another pale patch (sometimes two patches), triangular in shape
21.0-27.0mm. Late May to early September. Forewing dark brown with yellowish white blotches.
Forewing with pale spots distal to second transverse line distinct; pale patch between interstigmatal patch and tornus absent
19.0-22.0mm. Late May to early August. Forewing rather blunt and short, blackish brown with yellowish white blotches.
25 (22)
Forewing with discal stigma lunate, conspicuous; termen with series of brownish neural spots, sometimes indistinct
20.0-25.0mm. Late May to early September. Forewing whitish with markings usually weak, except discal stigma.
Forewing with discal stigma not lunate; termen with neural spots absent or indistinct
26 (25)
Forewing with second cross-line not dentate or serrate; discal stigma linear, approximately in line with dorsal part of second cross-line
19.0-24.0mm. Late June to early September. Forewing from whitish yellow to ochreous yellow; three brownish rather narrow cross-lines, the second forming a strong outward curve around discal stigma. Hindwing greyish white with fine reddish brown terminal line.
Forewing otherwise
27 (26)
Forewing pale yellowish without dark suffusion
Forewing pale yellowish (with dark suffusion), pale greyish or dark brown
28 (27)
Hindwing with postmedian dark cross-line serrate, slightly curved near middle of wing or almost straight
Ostrinia nubilalis (part, female)
26.0-37.0mm. Late May to mid September. Forewing with cross-lines, orbicular and discal streak brownish. Hindwing with basal two-thirds usually dark grey. See couplet 80 for male.
Hindwing with postmedian cross-line not serrate, curved outwardly near middle of wing round discal streak
29 (28)
Forewing with dark second cross-line strongly curving from vein 2 towards tornus; narrow discal stigma touching dark subterminal cross-line
24.0-28.0mm. May to August (in Germany). Forewing with distinct brown markings. Hindwing whitish with distinct greyish postmedian and subterminal lines.
Forewing with second cross-line almost parallel to termen, not curved outwardly in terminal area; discal stigma not touching dark subterminal cross-line
22.0-28.0mm. May to early July. Forewing with rather obscure greyish markings. Hindwing yellowish white with greyish postmedian and subterminal lines.
30 (27)
Forewing pale yellowish, heavily suffused reddish brown or blackish brown. Hindwing with basal and distal part usually dark greyish brown, leaving only a yellowish white postmedian fascia or spot
Ostrinia nubilalis (part, male)
26.0-31.0mm. Late May to mid September. Forewing with cross-lines, orbicular stigma and linear discal mark slightly darker than dark suffusion. See for female couplet 78.
Forewing brown or pale grey. Hindwing coloured and marked otherwise
31 (30)
Forewing pale grey; second cross-line deeply sinuate below middle; termen almost perpendicular to dorsum. Antenna three-fifth length costa forewing
18.0-28.0mm. Late April to mid July. Forewing with cross-lines, orbicular dot and transverse discal mark faint, grey. Hindwing grey with dark postmedian line and faint discal spot.
Forewing brown, darker towards termen; second cross-line slightly sinuate below middle; termen with an obtuse angle (120°) to dorsum. Antenna four-fifth length costa forewing
22.0-29.0mm. Late June to early August. Forewing with dark cross-lines narrow and indistinct, second line pale-edged outwardly; orbicular dot and linear discal mark faint. Hindwing brown, darker towards termen; faint postmedian line, line near base and often obsolete discal dots dark brown.

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