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[NL] Familiesleutel



Forewing grey with three to five distinct black dots without further markings
17.0-22.0mm. Mid June to early August.
Forewing marked otherwise
2 (1)
Forewing with dark grey fascia at one-third (occasionally interrupted subcostally), edged paler inwardly, fading into ground colour distally
17.0-19.0mm. Early June to early July. Forewing grey to brownish grey; beyond dark fascia some dark greyish spots and streaks, margins of distal part of wing with series of darker spots.
Forewing without such a dark fascia
3 (2)
Forewing ochreous brown, somewhat glossy, with two dark spots at end of cell, usually indistinct. Labial palpus relatively short
14.0-15.0mm. Late June to mid August. Forewing rather unicolorous.
Forewing marked and coloured otherwise. Labial palpus long, ascending and curved
4 (3)
Labial palpus cream, mottled with blackish brown outwardly and beneath
13.0-23.0mm. June, July and September to November, also recorded in late December (in Great Britain). Forewing ochreous yellow to pale ochreous, variably suffused with dark brown; some dark brown spots and blotches present; sometimes ends of veins faintly marked darker.
Labial palpus blackish brown, second segment with pale yellow scales distally, third segment mottled with pale yellowish
13.0-19.0mm. Mid July to September, occasionally later (in Great Britain and Ireland). Forewing creamy to greyish ochreous, variably suffused with blackish brown, sometimes even with dark appearance; some dark spots and blotches present and usually with a series of terminal dark dots.

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